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We sell from sustainable brands and work towards more sustainability in the fashion and product industries. So the brands we work with are thoughtful about the use of materials, keen to renew energy, use as less chemicals as possible and more. When shipping we tend not to use any plastic at all and if possible we promote recycled materials.
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Bohemian gorgeous for you!
Vegan and comfortable
Fedora hat
Stylish and very photogenic
Made from recycled RPET
High quality and very comfortable


It’s our goal to provide transparency and provide a one-stop marketplace filled with eco-minded travel goods. Everything you pack for a short or long trip to a warm destination or an active holiday in the cold. These eco-minded travel goods come from brands that stand for good ethics, use sustainable long-lasting materials, and are constantly improving their efforts towards sustainability in every step of the supply chain.

Not only do we provide travel goods to make your trip more eco-minded but we also share our knowledge about this subject through regular blogs.
Blogs about those brands, the materials we use, more about slow traveling, eco destinations and much more.
We love to educate ourselves about all the things that are going on and how we can make a change and we also love to share this with you!

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Our blogs:

So we love to travel, every time in a more sustainable way. We love living a more sustainable life and in this journey, we learned so many things. Things we wish to share with you! Besides all that we work towards more transparency in the fashion industry. So we write blogs about the brands we work with, and about fair fashion.

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Natural, sustainable sunscreen and deodorant from; We Love the Planet

We Love the Planet is created out of love and passion for our planet. Their goal ...

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A Step-by-Step Guide on How to Turn Your Home into an Eco-Conscious Heaven

Almost on a weekly basis you’ll hear something about global earth warming, sustainability, eco, green world, ...

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Sustainable Tourism After COVID: Trends for 2021

A new year has finally started! This means less time before we can go back to ...

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Luggage and accessories for the modern traveler: OneNine5

A combination of their passion to travel and the warning of Sir David Attenborough, that’s OneNine5. ...

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