The Netherlands: a guide for your eco-holiday


This is your guide to visit the Netherlands, a perfect destination for eco-holiday. Traveling during COVID time might be hard. Many safety guidelines and a bit hesitant about taking some holidays. Taking the necessary precautions, you can take your well deserved getaway! We propose to you to stay in the area and go for an eco-holiday.  Discover Europe, and give those little unexpected destinations a chance. Let us introduce to you our first European destination: The Netherlands. This is your guide for an eco-holiday to the Netherlands. 

Windmills, tulips, nightlife, museums, party…the Netherlands has it all. And when we say it ‘has it all’, it really does! This tiny country offers way more than what you think. Beaches, islands, authentic villages and undiscovered green destinations. Prepare yourself for your sustainable odyssey through the land of the Dutch! 

When we think about the Netherlands, the first that comes to mind is ‘Amsterdam’, but we never think about nature. This country has a lot of nature, and of course, you can explore it all sustainably.

In this guide, we will share with you some green destinations you can add to your trip when you visit the Netherlands.

Enjoy a crowd-less place in the delta

What is better during COVID than avoiding crowded places? The Netherlands also has some green award-winning destinations! If you want to go for some fresh air in the river Delta, you should definitely consider the Rhine, Meuse and Scheldt river. Visit Westvoorne, Goeree-Overflakkee, Schouwen-Duiveland or Veere. 

Dutch dunes in the coast

Of course visiting Amsterdam is hard to pass when you are in the Netherlands. Are you in Amsterdam? Then you can visit Noordwijk and Katwijk. You can take a train to Leiden and then a bus from the central station (it’s even better for the environment!). If you visit during the end of March until early May, you should definitely rent a bike in Noordwijk or Leiden and explore the tulip fields. Can’t get more Dutchie than that! (unless you add some fries on the way).

Are you near Rotterdam? Then you can’t miss Hoek van Holland! You can enjoy a dune and beach walk, and be amazed by all the ships you’ll see heading to the Port of Rotterdam.

Your guide for an eco-holiday to the Netherlands

Let’s move a little to the East

We have another award winner: Nijmegen! Yes, in 2018 the city of Nijmegen won the European Green Capital Awards and the Green Destinations Gold award. Here, you can appreciate a lot of historical monuments and city walks, abundant cultural activities and the river, where you will love a nice walk or relax near the water (maybe with a nice ice cream?).

For an even more sustainable experience, rent a bike to another super green destination: Berg en Dal. Here you have a mix of everything. ‘Berg’ means hill, referring to the N70 hike, which takes you all over eight hills. ‘Dal’ refers to the lowlands, and you should totally do a bike tour in the Ooijpolder. When it comes to biking, nobody does it better than the Dutchies, so for the full Dutch experience biking is the way to go!

Your guide for an eco-holiday to the Netherlands

Green island

Did I already mention that the Netherlands has it all? Well, they also have a UNESCO Heritage site! The Wadden Sea in the north is bordered by several islands. Ameland is your only green island participating in the Green Destinations program. This island aims to become energy neutral really soon. What can you do here? Everything! It offers hiking and biking through dunes and polders. To get here, you can take a train to Holwerd, and then a ferry crossing the Wadden Sea will take you there. Any birdwatchers reading this? This is a birding paradise! And also, you can spot some seals!

How to get there?

Traveling within Europe is really easy, now (during COVID times) we recommend traveling close by home, but there will be a time after COVID. In Europe, it’s easy to use public transport such busses and trains. Have a look at the Flix bus, with so many destinations it’s always close by.

When it comes to sustainable travel, you can make any destination or trip as green as possible.
Just use our 10-easy tips for sustainable travel

What green destinations or ‘green’ tips do you recommend? Leave your comment below! 



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