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Located in the heart of Europe, Slovenia will steal your heart. We’ve had the opportunity of visiting this beautiful and diverse country last year. We drew up this beginners guide for you to go and explore this extraordinary country. This beginners guide will help you plan the perfect eco-trip to Slovenia.

Introducing Slovenia

I have to admit, I always thought Slovenia was a landlocked country, but it has a tiny spot on the Adriatic sea. A tiny beach area locked between popular countries like Italy and Croatia. It’s a relatively small country and that’s how it feels like. Easygoing, genuine friendly locals, serene and diverse landscapes. I can’t help but recommend a visit!

Formerly part of Yugoslavia, but now unique in its own way. Gladly moved past its past, and it’s eager for the future. A must-visit is its capital, Ljubljana. Highly recommended because of its small-town feeling. Strolling down the little streets, passing the canal, shops, bars. It’s vibrant but very small for a capital.

Well located and easy to reach by train and bus. We recommend having a look at interrail.eu for the best connections. Even some night trains go to Slovenia, this way will save you money but you will be missing out on the view.

Slovenia guide

Eco-friendly activities

Slovenia is the place to be for outdoor enthusiasts. You name any outdoor activity and Slovenia will offer it! Doesn’t matter if you want to go hiking, camping, bike riding, kayaking, or rafting. Yes, even skiing is possible. I would love to visit lake Bled when the mountains around it are covered in snow, it’s on my bucket list for sure.

Lake Bohinj

Especially compared to the famous lake Bled, this area is undiscovered but surprisingly amazing. Lake Bohinj is surrounded by the Alps and by mount Triglav (the highest mountain in Slovenia). Great for all types of outdoor activities. We recommend a hike towards Savica Waterval Bohinj. Also, a hike or bike ride around the lake, will spoil you with amazing views over the lake and over the surrounding mountains.

It’s easy to reach by bus, from Lake Bled or Ljubliana. Also by train from Ljubljana. Of course, you can rent a car as well. This area is so mind-blowing you’ll want to stay a couple of days!

eco-minded in Slovenia

Lake Bled

Yes, it’s very touristy but oh so beautiful. We recommend the hike up to lookout Ojstrica. You will not regret the hike up. On that side of the lake, you have camping Bled (too expensive for our taste) but a small beach is located at the lake to go for a swim or SUP paddle towards the church in the middle of the lake.

If you are camping, we recommend staying at a camping site nearby lake Bled (you need a car, scooter, bike to visit lake Bled). It’s called Rafting Center Tinaraft.  It’s very basic but uniquely located at the river and a great base to visit Lake Bled. Go hiking near the river (hiking trails are displayed at the camping) and go rafting.

Vintgar Gorge

Arriving at Vintgar Gorge made us change our mind as it was super overcrowded, but if you travel offseason it is great for hiking, seeking waterfalls. Located on the east side of the country and great to combine with lake Bled.

Lesser-known highlights of Slovenia

A hidden gem, the Vipava Valley in Slovenia. Without the mass tourist but with the serene views and with wine. This valley is known for its wine and the history is vibrant. However, we won’t tell too much about it because you just have to visit Lepa Vida winery. The owner Irena told us so much during the winetasting, about the history of the valley, the Yugoslavia time and about her family. Her parents started this vineyard and she gladly (after a few years) took over. Have a look at their website or book a winetasting tour. And while you are in the area, you can also visit the picturesque town of Vipava or go mountain biking in the valley overlooking all the wineries.

Slovenia Lepa Vida


More eco-travel tips?

We hope to have inspired you for an eco-trip to Slovenia. Curious about more tips? Have a look at our top 10 easy travel tips in this blog


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