Choosing an eco-friendly accommodation: what to take into consideration?


When traveling, the places we choose to stay at can define the mood and experience of our next adventure. We might want to camp, stay at hostels, enjoy a more luxurious place, or just stay at a hotel. Regardless of the type of place we choose, we all want one thing in common: to have an eco-friendly accommodation. 

There are basic small things that we can check to see whether our chosen accommodation is green-approved. As we mentioned in other blogs, the first thing to check its certifications. Many accommodations can say that they are eco-friendly, but are they really? Some of the certifications you could check for are those from places like Earth Check or Green Globe. 

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Basic eco-friendly accommodation checklist


It might sound obvious, but checking for the origin of the food you are consuming is important. If the accommodation you are staying at has a restaurant or offers food, check if it is local food. This way you are supporting the community. And really important: try to find out what they do with waste and leftover food. Do they donate it? Even better! 

Water and energy waste

Look for carbon-neutral hotels. Try to find out if the accommodation has low-flow appliances. You can also see if they use eco-friendly light bulbs or renewable energy. It is also important that you remember that you have to do your part as a guest: don’t let them change your sheets and towels all the time, and put the ‘do not disturb’ sign.

Eco-friendly accommodations not only help you reduce your footprint and help the environment. They also help animals, local communities and cultures. Therefore, we will share some extra tips for you to apply in your next eco-accommodation hunt.

Be central

Choosing a central location is crucial for the environment. Doing this allows you to get to places without the need for a car. Cars emissions are one of the worst, so if you can avoid them during your vacation, better. Using public transportation is also a great option if you don’t want to walk that much.

Does the accommodation give back to the local community and the environment?

eco friendly labels of tomorrow







If so, how? It is important to know in which ways the hotel or accommodation gives back to the community or environment. You can see if they hire local people to work at the hotel, if they provide resources to aid local development. 

How to find eco-friendly accommodations?

Ask other travelers, use Facebook groups, friends, family. They might know a great place to stay that is eco-friendly. You can also search on Google or use these two websites: eco BnB & Nature.House for your search for an eco-friendly stay.

Remember that any little change counts!

Do you have any tips for choosing eco-friendly accommodations? Share your experience in the comments below or take a look at our webshop for amazing travel goods.


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