All My Eco sneakers: AMEs with pineapple and cork!


Born in Barcelona, All My Eco’s ambition is to revitalize our environment. Protecting wildlife and inspiring future generations to believe they can do the same. Because, if the people that care, the people like you and us, act together, real change can happen. To make the planet a more ethical and sustainable place to live in. They combined pineapple and cork to revolutionize fashion! 


AMEs are their sneakers. A premium product completely manufactured with materials that are either fully recycled, either way, less harmful to the environment than other alternatives. Besides, it also gives back to society by donating 1% of sales to charities and makes the Earth’s future brighter.

Together, All My Eco also helps other organizations fight for sustainability and help reforest the planet. At least 1% of all the company’s revenue goes towards NGOs focused on the environment, and 5 trees are planted for each pair of AMEs we sell.

All My Eco sneakers AMEs

From pineapple to cork

To manufacture their sneakers, All My Eco use pineapple fiber, recycled plastic bottles and cork. All of which are sustainable materials better than their alternatives commonly used.

The AMEs are also fully vegan, as they use a vegan alternative to leather instead of real leather, in order to avoid contributing to factory farming and animal cruelty.

Their vegan “leather” is made with a synthetic material which is eco-friendly, resistant, antibacterial and transpirable, and has Oeko-Tex®’s Standard 100 class I certification. This means that every one of its components has been tested for harmful substances and is harmless in human ecological terms.

The colorful stripes on the sides of the AMEs are made with pineapple fiber. We can obtain this material from discarded leaves of the pineapple harvest.  This is why it requires no additional land, water, pesticides, fertilizers or additional environmental resources for its production.

When you wear your AMEs, your feet will enjoy a comfy inside cushioned with PET recycled from plastics, such as bottles. This way, thanks to you, with each pair of sneakers, the equivalent of 2 plastic bottles will now be recycled! 

Last but not least, your AMEs have a shoe tongue decorated with cork, which is one of the greenest materials there is. Cork is a 100% natural, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable material. What’s cooler is that in order to obtain it there is no need to cut down any trees. Instead, cork oak trees are harvested every nine years, and then are able to absorb even more CO2 from the environment!

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