SAVARA: the sustainable lingerie revolution for every woman!


Savara means glowing from within. And our new partner supports this natural glow by creating sustainable lingerie. They focus on the feeling of women wearing lingerie. 

Their purpose? to create a bra revolution to make the planet smile.  Therefore, they create designs to look stunning, while preventing overconsumption. Savara follows a socially responsible production, sustainability in the heart of their business and a truly transparent communication to their customers. 

Essential bra labels of tomorrow

Revolutionary sustainable lingerie design and sizing system

Savara creates their designs with care in The Netherlands. The design of their lingerie is versatile. Strap options give the opportunity to create completely different looks. Moreover, with their sizing system, multiple traditional cup sizes come together in one size. Thus, having some fluctuations in size due to hormones or weight lost/gain will be all fine. No need to buy a new item, because the fabric will embrace your size. This way, you can enjoy your items more often and better, so we can prevent overconsumption together. 

Sustainable materials

Savara sources innovative, environment friendly fabric:

  • They use TENCEL™ fabric for the lingerie. It’s made out of renewable raw material; wood pulps. Moreover, the fabric is made without harmful substances. Therefore certified with STANDARD 100 – nr. 1 by OEKO-TEX®. Additionally, it also has the EU Ecolabel due to its significant lower environmental impact throughout the entire lifecycle. They use trees for the fabric that come from sustainable plantations. They source fabric in the specific amount of meters that they need, so we create minimal leftovers. These TENCEL™ fabrics are made in Turkey, Europe.
  • Lace fabric surplus and recycled yarn laces. These are surplus from other factories because they often need to buy fabric in huge amounts (per 1000+ meter) and don’t use all of it, or miscalculated them. By estimation, 40% of the world fabric production is wasted before it turns into garment. They use surplus fabric in order to minimize this waste, besides the fact that these fabrics are often gorgeous! Savara sources the fabric left-overs from Italy and Latvia, both Europe. The left-overs from Italy have the Global Recycle Standard certificate, as they are made out of Polyester and Nylon waste.

Essential bra labels of tomorrow

They make the pre-shaped cups in France and the material is not sustainable. They consist of polyurethane and polyester which are synthetic materials. Savara communicates transparently about this and doesn’t include cups as default in the bralettes. We encourage you to reuse cups you already have, or try the bralettes without cups. In the meantime we’re on top of new developments and we hope to find sustainable cups soon.

Are you ready to join the bra revolution? You can check SAVARA’s essential bra and slip in our store now!


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