Luggage and accessories for the modern traveler: OneNine5


A combination of their passion to travel and the warning of Sir David Attenborough, that’s OneNine5. They design luggage and accessories with the style and functionality to match the needs of the modern traveler. Moreover, this eco-partner is on a mission to disrupt the travel industry to tackle the single-use plastic problem.

“If we can do this and reduce our impact on the environment, then we’ll be two happy travelers”.

OneNine5’s Mission

They partnered up with innovative and environmentally aware product designers and developed their wash bag in Shoreditch, London. Beyond the wash bag, they are on a mission to modernize travel luggage. OneNine5 prioritize style, functionality and their eco-conscious approach to product, packaging and recycling.

Eight million tonnes of plastic waste flows into our oceans every year. Thus, in the attempt to reduce this crazy figure, they made the lining of their wash bag from 100% recycled plastic.

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Their packaging

When it comes to the packaging, NineOne5 keeps things simple. They used 100% recycled paper to make their wash bag sleeve and e-commerce box. They both are fully recyclable. Additionally, their shopping bag is made from a 100% biodegradable plastic.

Recycle Your OneNine5 Wash Bag

The disposable economy is hurting our planet and we recycle only 20% of plastic globally.  OneNine5 carefully chose durable materials and robust hardware so the wash bag will last. They want the wash bags to be well used. Nevertheless, when the time comes for an upgrade they will commit to recycle the materials by partnering with TerraCycleSo once you’re ready, you can follow the steps in their website and they will do the rest.

Reduce single-use plastic

Toiletry Bag Labels of Tomorrow7It’s estimated that passengers in UK airports pick up over 150 million single-use clear plastic bags every year. That’s a lot of plastic. Why don’t you opt for their reusable, detachable clear liquid bag with easy-release magnets and pass? Pass on single-use plastic bags and go get your OneNine5 now!


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