Sustainable Tourism After COVID: Trends for 2021


A new year has finally started! This means less time before we can go back to normal. Or something close to normal. If there is something 2020 taught as, is to be more conscious in the choices we make. Sustainable tourism will be the future of tourism, as travellers will choose a more sustainable path when vacationing. Therefore, we are sharing with you three sustainable tourism trends for this 2021.

Less crowded places

After COVID, travelling will look a little different. Busy cities, crowded cafés, tourists hotspots and markets were once a must-include item in an itinerary.  However, in a post-pandemic world, travellers will want to keep that social distance and opt for less crowded places. Therefore, undiscovered and remote places around the globe will become new destinations. Sustainability and tourism go hand in hand. This will not only be important for our health, but also for the community. Eventually, this will enable tourism to take the sustainable approach, producing economic benefits for locals. 

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Nature-based tourism

As an alternative to the point above, travellers will want more nature. More and more holiday makers want to disconnect from the city, and opt for rural areas. They travel to small communities, aiming to immerse in the local culture. As we experience the ‘lockdown’ life, the feeling of freedom might seem inexistent. Nature resembles freedom. Therefore, the want for nature trips, focused on wilderness and relaxation in nature have become more popular, making it a trend for 2021.

nature trends 2021

Local tourism

Yes! Why not discover our own country? Right now, as borders are closed, domestic travel is one of the largest trends. Travellers are discovering places from their own country they never experienced before. A great way to rediscover one’s homeland and reconnect with their culture. A great way to learn about their different communities, and the variety of subcultures in the same country. 

Sustainable Tourism After COVID

With so many changes in our travel plans and daily lives, how are you going to experience tourism in the future? Let us know in the comment below your sustainable trends for a great travel experience! 



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