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We Love the Planet is created out of love and passion for our planet. Their goal is to make product by product a complete line that they support 100% and that are friendly to the environment and to us! The best thing, if you ask us, is their natural, sustainable and reef safe sunscreen. But there is more, let us introduce We Love the Planet. 

Materials We Love the Planet uses

This brand was created out of love and passion for our planet. Therefore, they  find it extremely important to know what raw materials are in a product and where it comes from. Also, they only sell products that they use themselves and that they support 100%. This way everybody can enjoy their natural products with a clear and conscious mind.

Their unique fragrances are formulated in Asia and are free of chemical components. Additionally, the team behind We Love the Planet produces their cream deodorant themselves. All ingredients are carefully selected, and every production is based on the best natural products. Therefore, they will not be exactly the same each time. Pure nature! 

The We Love Sunscreen labels of tomorrow

Products from We Love the Planet

We Love the Planet bleeds fragrance. Thus, all their products involve a combination of the nicest scents and the most natural ingredients. 

natural sunscreen

Their sunscreen is natural and hypoallergenic, which makes it suitable for the most sensitive skin types. Not only that, but because they use natural filters, this product complies with various legislations for the conservation of coral reefs. Better for your body, and better for the planet! The ingredients you can find in this product are triglyceride, rapeseed oil, titanium dioxide, aluminum stearate and alumina, zinc oxide, and zea mays starch. Moreover, there are no mineral oils in it. Since it contains zero water, it makes it perfect to keep in your hand luggage when traveling, and for winter sports (as it does not freeze). 

The We Love Sunscreen labels of tomorrow

natural deodorant

The cream deodorant from We Love The Planet consists only of 100% natural ingredients and is certified organic. Thus, no synthetic and skin-damaging ingredients have been added and the deodorant does not contain aluminum. The natural ingredients in their deodorants are soothing and moisturising. The soft paste absorbs quickly into your skin and does not block the pores. Amongst its ingredients you can find organic coconut oil, beeswax, caprylic acid, St. John’s wort oil, baking soda and cornstarch powder. But don’t worry, they also developed two hypoallergenic deodorants for people with sensitive skin or allergic to baking soda. For this, they eliminated the baking soda and instead, they have added more cornstarch. Also, these deodorants are NC and EcoControl certified. 

The We Love labels of tomorrow

To wrap things up,

At We Love The Planet, they insist on choosing the most natural, sustainable and responsible way for every product they make, every order they pack, every action they perform. They let you enjoy in a conscious way with the same thought: We Love The Planet! 

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