Ethics & Sustainability

We strongly believe in building Labels of Tomorrow to become a platform that is focussed on Ethics & Sustainability. We want to be transparent in how the brands and labels act on their Ethics. What they do to be more eco-minded and handly their sustainability matters.  Not just words but actions.

Think before you buy! Do you need this product? Is there a more sustainable alternative? Does it come from a good brand? Are the workers not exploited? 

We learn and hear more and more every day about the negative impact clothing businesses have on the environment. Not only clothes but all goods we purchase.

“Being sustainable” is popular these days. Thus, a lot of brands claim to be green. Unfortunately, many of them are not as eco-friendly as they state. 
On the positive side, more and more truly sustainable brands start and grow their business. It is definitely possible to buy fair travel goods, but it’s sometimes harder to find.

When we search for eco-companies, we want them to be transparent, because we know they can’t be perfect so we ask them to be honest.

We strongly believe in the fact that small actions, multiplied by lots of people, stand for a big change & big impact. So yes, small steps matter!