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Our philosophy & mission 

With our vibrant platform, Labels of Tomorrow, we hope to inspire others to live and travel in a more sustainable way. Why? Because we never want to stop exploring our extraordinary beautiful planet but we do want to live a more sustainable lifestyle and those two things can only work together if we adapt our way of traveling. To travel slower, but deeper, to travel more mindfully and consciously, and to always travel with an open heart.

Our goals

It’s our goal to provide transparency and provide a one-stop marketplace filled with eco-minded travel goods. Everything you pack for a short or long trip to a warm destination or an active holiday in the cold. These eco-minded travel goods come from brands that stand for good ethics, use sustainable long-lasting materials, and are constantly improving their efforts towards sustainability in every step of the supply chain.

Not only do we provide travel goods to make your trip more eco-minded but we also share our knowledge about this subject through regular blogs. Blogs about those brands, the materials we use, more about slow traveling, eco destinations and much more. We love to educate ourselves about all the things that are going on and how we can make a change and we also love to share this with you!



Established by: 

Labels of Tomorrow is established in 2020 by Leonie, a creative mind with an adventurous soul and passion to leave this world a little better than how it is today. Lot will be operated from the tiny country; the Netherlands, but feeling connected to many parts of this beautiful world.

Learn more about Leonie or the rest of the team….
Have a look at our team page. 



Over the years, we have become more and more aware of our impact, especially the footprint we leave behind and our impact on this planet. We started educating ourselves. Step by step adapting to a new lifestyle that is both healthier for us, and preserves our planet. We have changed our diet, consumption, lowered our waste, become mind-fuller about where we buy our clothing, interior, and groceries.

Last year, we knew the next step on this road of awareness we wanted to adapt was our way of traveling. How? By educating ourselves on sustainable ways of traveling, looking into alternatives, traveling slower, more meaningful, choosing wisely where and how we spend our money. And above all, by traveling with an open heart to the people and planet around us.

We wanted to invest and learn more about sustainable travel goods, so this platform was born.   We believe through our platform we offer you a combination of truly sustainable travel goods and a source of information about greener ways of traveling. Our impact is small, but with each and every one of you, we believe this world can be a better place tomorrow.

Will you support this by conscious choices of the brands you buy from that actually care about our world tomorrow, next year, or in a few decades?

We sell products from conscious brands and labels, made environmentally friendly, cruelty-free and that care for human welfare. Also, we encourage honesty and transparency in every step of the supply chain. And are open and honest, and share what materials products are made of, how they are produced, and where they are made.

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