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AMEs Shiny Silver (Limited Edition)


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Don’t you wish you could protect the environment but also look dashing while doing it? Well… You’re lucky! The AMEs are here to help you.

Embrace your feet with a comfy pair of vegan sneakers, made using pineapple leaves, recycled plastic bottles, vegan leatherand cork.

Ethically manufactured in Spain using state-of-the-art techniques, you can wear them guilt-free, knowing fair wages have been paid to the workers that made them for you.

IMPORTANT: If you doubt between two sizes, go for the bigger one.


These shoes:

  • Don’t harm poor defenseless animals nor contribute to the environmental damage of factory farming, as they are made with Onmicro, an eco-friendly vegan alternative to leather
  • Recycle two plastic bottles per pair, as their insole is made with recycled PET, helping fight the plastic pollution that goes rampant in our oceans
  • Use pineapple fiber, a material made reusing the waste from the pineapple cultivation that otherwise would have been thrown away, to give them a vibrant and unique colourful touch
  • Use cork to give a unique feel to their shoe tag, which is one of the greenest materials there is, as no trees need to be cut down to produce it
  • Are fully made in Spain, under fair labor conditions, in a facility that has its own waste recycle chain, which severely cuts down the residues generated by its production

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